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why holodeck.com is not for sale (I think)

  1. My Internet identity is holodeck.com from the dawn of Iternet time. That's how people know to reach me. The hassle factor of changing is huge.
  2. I have provided holodeck.com addresses to quite a few friends and family. The hassle factor for them would be equally huge.
  3. My parents and inlaws are getting old. Teaching them to go to a new site after all these years would be almost impossible. I can hear the conversations about the holodeck bookmark not working anymore for the next 10 years already. Okay, I love em, but that's a hassle factor of an order of magnitude scale.
  4. Yes, holodeck.com is cool, but come on, do you really need it that badly? If your business can't survive without this domain name then you seriously need to find a new business model or a better product/service.

okay... you still want to buy holodeck.com

I've been sent lots of offers in the $1k - $10k range over the years and turned them all down. Considering that when I started hosting this domain it cost me $100 a month just to put up a static html page with a single email address you can imagine I've spent those kinds of numbers just hosting the domain so they don't mean much to me. We're talking about a situation where I don't want to do this. If you want me to even consider it you have to make me a really stupid offer. I am not asking you to do that. In fact I'm asking you not to do that. However, I am open minded and will respond if you still wish to persue the issue. If you want to make a serious offer click the "more" link below and it will take you to some instructions on how to reach me.